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Nodford International Co., Ltd founded in 2007,is a manufacturer and supplier focusing on IVD and laboratory consumables and instruments. Our product line covers a wide range, including POCT, chemiluminescence, hemodialysis, PCR, HPV, liquid handling, sample collection and storage, cell culture, reagent storage and a series of products, all of which have passed ISO13485 and CE.


Nodford has attracted a group of high-quality talents with backgrounds in biomedicine, computer software, mold design, and clinical applications to form our R&D department. In order to meet the market changes, we invest 25% of the company's income every year as the cost of continuous product improvement. In addition, support employees to enter the market and go abroad to understand the front-line needs, and develop products that better meet market needs according to the local environment and usage habits. The company has an excellent R&D team composed of French and German experts, doctors, masters and cooperating with well-known domestic universities, which provides guarantee for our products and technologies.

Quality System

It is the responsibility of everyone in our company to keep improving and make every product well. At present, Nodford has a full set of quality certification certificates, including ISO, CE, FSC, etc... The independent clean room for consumables ensures a pollution-free and dust-free production environment for products and product quality.

We have introduced the world's advanced production line and sealing and filling production line, 100,000-level clean workshop, injection molding workshop, 10,000 sealing and filling workshop equipment and imported raw materials that meet the requirements of GMP standards.


At present, Nodford consumables and instruments have been exported to more than 90 countries and regions, including the United States, the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Poland, South Korea, India, Brazil, Thailand, etc. We firmly believe that stable product quality, dedicated service and more flexible cooperation methods will definitely bring more value to our customers. 

Social responsibility

While making good products with heart, Nodford does not forget its original intention, consciously assumes corporate social responsibility, keeps moving forward on the road of public welfare, actively participates in public welfare undertakings, and strives to give back to the society. At present, it has carried out and participated in a series of public welfare and charity activities such as "donating for education, building schools and roads, helping the disabled, caring for the elderly with five guarantees". Nodford always fulfills corporate social responsibility with practical actions. At the same time, it has deeply influenced the employees of the company to devote themselves to various social public welfare undertakings and contribute their due strength to the prosperity of the China and social development.

If you are looking for lab. consumable suppliers with both quality and trustworthiness, there is no better choice than Nodford!

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