CLIA-Sta 60

Model:CLIA-Sta 60

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  • Application&Description:

    The CLIA-Sta 60  POCT CLIA system combines the benefits of speed and accuracy for the immunoassay test results in the market.


    Multiple parameters on one instrument

    The CLIA-Sta 60  POCT CLIA analyzer makes it fastand easy to test quantitative determination of thyroid, fertility, inflammation, tumor maker,cardiac marker, Anemia etc.

    All-in-one single cartridge

    The CLIA-Sta 60 POCT CLIA analyzer and its reagent cartridge have been precision engineered,and each reagent cartridge hasintegrated all necessary components for asingle test.

    Mixing test, less down time

    The CLIA-Sta 60 POCT CLIA analyzer allows the different reagent cartridge mix test on condition that different reagent kits have same color label on the cartridge/box.

    No additional consumables cost

    Each lot of a reagent kit has contained all necessary consumables including the Calibrator, QC and plastic tips.

  •    Analyzer specification:

       ■ Bench top CLIA system

       ■ 16 mins first result come

       ■ 6 sample/ reagent position

       ■ Whole blood/Serum/Plasma

       ■ 10.1 -inch colorful touch screen

       ■ Build-in barcode scanner/ external barcode gun

       ■ 305 * 460 * 520 (mm) instrument size

    ■ Batch Mode

    ■ Disposable tips

    ■ LIS/HIS connection/RS 232/USD port/ WAN

    ■ More than 10,000 results

    ■ Free maintenance

    ■ English / Spanish/ German

       Reagent Specification:

       ■ Methodology: Enzyme Chemiluminescence

       ■ Substrate: AMPPD substratea

        Reaction time: 15 mins return first result

       ■ Expiry date: 12 months shelf life

    ■ Cartridge: All-in-one single test cartridge, all consumable included in cartridge

    ■ Calibration period: 4-8 weeks reagent calibration valid time

    ■ Packaing: 30/60 tests per kit, calibrator and QC included.

       ■ Thyroid

       ■ Hormones

       ■ Cardiac

       ■ Anemia

       ■ Infectious Diseace

    ■ Bone Metabolism

    ■ Inflammation

    ■ Glyco Metabolism

    ■ Tumor

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