Gastrointestinal Rapid Test


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  • Rapid test is a simple point-of-care test that can be used in all health care settings to allow immediate treatment. It is easy to perform and does not require special storage or transport conditions. The result should be easy to interpret and ideally, available in 30 minutes. Most rapid syphilis tests are made in a dipstick or cassette format.

    Period of validity: 24 months

    Storage : Store at 4~30℃. After the aluminum foil bag is opened, it should be used within half an hour.

    Our Kits advantages:

    1.Reliability :high sensitivity and  high  specificity,up to 97%;

    2.Time Saving :fast result ,result only in 15-20 minutes;

    3.Convenient Procesure :can be performed in sample steps with no special training;

    4.Comprehensive Range.Reliable Rapid Tests for HIV/malaria/dengue/Eugenics/Hepatitis/Respiratory diseases/Gastrointestinal disease/Other


    1. Equilibrate the test card to room temperature, tear open the aluminum foil bag, take out the test card, and lay it flat on the operating table (use the test card within half an hour after taking it out of the aluminum foil bag).

    2. Use the sampler to add 10ul of the sample to be tested into the sample hole. After the sample penetrates into the sample pad, add 2~3 drops (or 90ul) of sample diluent.

    3. Judge the result within 15-20 minutes. The judgment result is invalid if it exceeds 20 minutes.

    【Reference value (reference range)】

    Observe the result within 10-20 minutes, and judge the result to be invalid if it exceeds 20 minutes.

    ■ Only show that the control line is negative;

    ■ Both the control line and the test line appear to be positive;

    ■ The control line is not displayed, this experiment is invalid.

  •    Product   Cassette Size           Specimen            NDF Cat.#
       Coxsackie Virus A16 IgM Rapid Test Cassette   40T   WB/S/P   RTK-2017-CVA16M
       Helicobacter Pylori IgG Rapid Test Cassette   40T   WB/S/P   RTK-2017-HPG
       Enterovirus 71 IgM Rapid Test Cassette   40T   WB/S/P   RTK-2017-E71M
       Staphylococcus Aureus Antigen Rapid Test Cassette   40T   WB/S/P   RTK-2017-STAA
       Group A Rotavirus Rapid Test Cassette   40T   WB/S/P   RTK-2017-GAR
       Rotavirus Rapid Test Cassette   25T   Feces   RTK-2017-RO
       Norovirus, Rotavirus, Adenovirus and Astrovirus Combo Rapid Test Cassette            40T   WB/S/P   RTK-2017-NRAA         

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